Q How long will my work out last?

A This is a subjective question, as a rule you shouldn’t spend much over an hour here. if you want to add cardio traning in, you may be here for an hour and a half at most. Athletes in training will spend more time.

Q What should I do while I’m here?

A To get in the best shape of your life, you need three things, strength training, some sort of cardio and supportive nutrition with a concern for muscle. We offer equipment for the physical part of it and can give you nutritional advice as well.

Q Can you set me up on a program?

A Of course, we would meet with you at first to determine your individual needs and go from there. Just like a doctor doesn’t prescribe the same medicine for everyone, we don’t have the same program for everyone.  You will have a program that meets your fitness needs.

Q Do you have tan beds?

A Yes they are original European Klafsun beds that were designed in Germany. We also carry an extensive line of accelerators, bronzers and moisturizers.

Q I see you have a sauna and stream rooms in each locker rooms, what are the practical uses for them?

A That depends on whether you want therapeutic use or not….the sauna is good for dry heat and good for sweating out and excreting toxins from the body. Steam rooms are used more for wet heat and opening one’s pores. Both are used as a post workout reliever.

Q Do you have an onsite message therapist?

A Yes we do however they are available by appointment only. We suggest you call in advance 815-291-1246

Q Do you offer martial arts?

A Yes they are located on the 2nd floor, call Brian Booth at 815-858-4976 for details

Q What type of weight equipment do you have?

A We proudly offer the Cybex VR2 line of  selectorized equipment as well as a huge selection of free weights. We have the largest dumbbell selection around going up to 120 LBS in 5 lb increments. If it seems like we prefer free weights here it is because we do!! This is because of the balance factor that free weights offer that selectorized weight machines can’t. You will use all your stabilizer muscles that normally you don’t use when using machines. We also are the first ones in the area to offer Atlas Stones.

Q What type of cardiovascular machines do you have?

A We have bikes, elliptical trainers and steppers but our most popular ones are the Woodway treadmills. They are unique in their design because they use the patented slat running system http://www.woodway.com/ which offers low impact but very effective cardio training.